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Terry Russell

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Dr Charles Terence Russell is a Queensland GP who has specialized in circumcision for boys since 1993.[1] Since then he has performed more circumcisions (20,000+) than anyone else in Australia.[2]


Professional Misconduct

Dr Russell was fined and reprimanded for opportunistically diagnosing and performing hundreds of tongue-tie surgeries while performing circumcisions during 1999. The Review committee found there were no clinical indications for the services. [3] This is not mentioned in the section of Dr Russell on the Queensland Medical Board website, which implies he has a clean record. [4]

Order of Australia

Dr Russell received an Order of Australia for breaking the world record by catching the largest black marlin.[5][6] It was stated on his website that he had received the Order of Australia, but not the reason. It is likely a reader could presume he received the order for research or even doing circumcision, when in fact it was for fishing.

Breach of EMLA Guidelines

Dr Russell experimented with the use of Eutectic mixture of Local Anesthetic (EMLA) cream on infants in 1993 onwards.[1] This was at a time the manufacturers of EMLA advised against the use of EMLA on infants.[7]

Parents are instructed to apply a generous amount of EMLA cream prior to surgery on their boy.[8]

Use of EMLA has a risk of potentially very serious Methaemoglobinaemia.[7]

EMLA is apparently the only anestethic used by Dr Russell as no others are mentioned on his website.[1]

EMLA was found to be the least effective anesthesia during infant circumcision.[9]

Breach of Advertising Regulations

Advertising regulations prohibit claims that use of a therapeutic device (in this case the Plastibell device) can prevent cancer or HIV.

His website formerly falsely claimed circumcision completely prevented cancer of the penis.


Neonatal circumcision prevents cancer of the penis, which only affects uncircumcised males.

(Australian Doctor, 1996)

His website also claims that circumcision decreases the risk of HIV infection.[10]

Media Presence

Dr Russell has frequently promoted circumcision in the media: TV, radio, newspapers etc.[11][12][13]

After interviewing Dr Russell journalists typically describe his Plastibell method as being completely painless, bloodless and not involving any cutting.[14]

He has been reported as performing 5 circumcisions before 10am.[14] He typically charges from $400 to $700 per circumcision for a young baby (2009 figure).[15]

Business Arrangements

ZAMBURY PTY. LTD., registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) in 1988[16], owns the business names FREEWAY MEDICENTER, CIRCUMCISION INFORMATION AND RESEARCH CENTRE (C.I.R.C.), DOCTORS GRAND PLAZA and CIRCUMCISION AUSTRALIA.[17] The registered business address for ZAMBURY PTY. LTD. is in Holland Park West, Queensland 4121. [18]

RUSSELL MEDICAL CENTRE PTY. LTD. has been registered with the ASIC since 1993[19], and is located at MacGregor Queensland 4109.[20]

The "Contact Us - Melbourne" page of Russell Medical Centre includes the details "Circumwise Pty Ltd" and "Dr Sugantha Jagadeesan" with a Vermont South Victoria 3133 address and link to "".[21]

CIRCUMWISE was registered as a business name with the ASIC on 17 Aug 2004 and cancelled on 17 Aug 2007.[22] CIRCUMWISE PTY LTD has been registered with the ASIC since 18 November 2004.[23]

The "contact us" page for names a Dr Anilkumar Patil.[24]

Both (Russell Medical Centre) and contain the sentences "The principal of Circumcision Australia is Dr Terry Russell OAM" and "Since starting the use of topical anaesthetic cream in 1993, the Circumcision Australia group of doctors have performed over 30,500 circumcisions using topical anaesthetic cream and the Plastic Circumcision Device" (without elaborating on the relationship between Circumcision Australia and the clinics) and list Circumcision Information & Research Centre as one of their "Industry Associations".

"Circumcision Australia" and "Circumcision Information & Research Centre" are, of course, business names owned by ZAMBURY PTY. LTD.


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