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Seth Kalichman

Seth Kalichman is a Clinical-Community Psychologist and Professor of Psychology at the University of Connecticut, and the editor of AIDS and Behavior, a leading social and behavioral science peer-reviewed journal.[1] Kalichman has published 5 peer-reviewed papers on circumcision and HIV.[2]


Below, Kalichman promotes an outrageous human rights violation that is implausible and frightening.

Views on Male Circumcision

If every male baby in southern Africa were to receive MC we would see a huge reduction, dare I say near elimination, of HIV in a couple generations.

Kalichman, S. (2011, January 30). Deadly ignorance. Archive

The following is a bizarre response from Kalichman--most likely sarcasm, yet never the less disturbing--which could demonstrate a mental instability, or (minimally) at least a sign of unnerved breakdown. [citation needed]

Downplaying Inherent Bias? Or Instability.

I am biased in my interpretation of 20 years of epidemiological research and three randomized controlled trials because I am Jewish. It is the medical establishment, run by Jews, that is conspiring to promote male circumcision for HIV prevention. It is no coincidence that the leading circumcision researcher is named Moses. Yes, I want every male child circumcised because that will make them Jews and we can take over the world, not just the Liberal Media and banks. Now that I am talking Crazy, do you understand me better?

Kalichman, S. (2011, January 30). Deadly ignorance. Archive


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