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Ronald H. Gray

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Married To:
Maria Wawer
Colleagues & Benefactors:
Maria Wawer
Robert C. Bailey
Bertran Auvert
Brian J. Morris
Aaron Tobian
Thomas Quinn
Funded By:
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Johns Hopkins
National Institutes of Health
Gray and Wawer.jpg
Ronald Gray with his wife, and
colleague, Maria Wawer.

Ronald Gray is a North American circumcision proponent and biased researcher looking for justifications to roll-out mass circumcision programs around the world. He headed one of the three RCTs being used by the WHO to endorse circumcision as HIV prevention.[1] At their clinic, a music video promoting circumcision plays continuously.[2][3] He sometimes goes by the name Ron.[4]

Ronald Gray's RCT

Of the three RCTs being used by the WHO to promote circumcision as HIV prevention, Gray supervised the RCT that was carried out in Uganda.[5] Two other RCTs were supervised by Robert C. Bailey and Bertran Auvert respectively. All three RCTs were funded by the American National Institutes of Health.[6]

In 2010,[7] and again in 2011,[4] Gray published studies with Brian J. Morris.


We've never used surgery to prevent an infectious disease. It's a completely new concept, a new paradigm. How can we train all the surgeons to do this procedure and equip them.

--Ronald Gray. JohnsHopkinsSPH, (2009). Impact.

It's been hard to change policy, because this is a whole new paradigm. We've never used surgery to prevent an infectious disease. Policy makers have to really take some time to wrap their minds around it.

--Ronald Gray. JohnsHopkinsSPH, (2010). Rakai project.

It's taken longer than I would like to see these programs emerge.

--Ronald Gray. JohnsHopkinsSPH, (2010). Rakai project.

The Latest Fight Over Foreskin

If you were to ask me, should the U.S. be promoting circumcision, my answer would be, ‘no,’ What I do think ought to be the policy is that parents should be informed about the potential protective effects.

--Ronald Gray. N.Y. Times, The Latest Fight Over Foreskin, (8/29/2009).


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