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Ron Low on Howard Stern, March 29 of 2011

Ron Low is a married suburban father of 2, an MBA, an engineer, an entrepreneur, a foreskin restorer, and a passionate human rights advocate. He is an intactivist, an inventor, a foreskin restoration advocate and a circumcision fighter. He invented the TLC Tugger foreskin restoration device.

Ron and his family were featured in the April 3rd, 2011 episode of TLC's Strange Sex cable TV documentary series. He presented his TLC Tugger in Howard Stern in 2011. Ron has appeared in Playboy Radio, Bubba the Love Sponge and other radio shows. His TLC Tugger has been discussed in the TV show The Doctors. He appeared in the 2006 BBC Three production "Circumcise Me?" and the documentary feature "CUT - Slicing through the Myths of Circumcision"

Ron created the restoration forum, where thousands of men share information about different methods, techniques, their personal experience, feelings and news regarding genital integrity, foreskin restoration and circumcision.

Ron serves on the board of Foregen which advocates for directing medical researchers to apply regenerative medicine (stem cells, gene therapy, extra-cellular matrix) for the benefit of circumcised men.

Ron frequently participates of genital integrity demonstrations, such as Genital Integrity Awareness Week and other protests and demonstrations.

Ron has created multiple videos teaching how to use his foreskin restoration devices. He has also published numerous papers on the topics of foreskin restoration, circumcision, and genital integrity.


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