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Rabbi Chaim Moshe is a prolific author of YouTube videos advocating circumcision.[1] He argues that circumcision, through the power of the Torah, separates a man from his animal nature, giving him sexual self-control and connecting him to a higher spiritual purpose.[2] Moshe has also come out in favor of Mohel's using their mouths to suck the blood from infant penises at a bris.[3]

Interestingly, Moshe believes the foreskin contributes greatly to sexual arousal and produces enjoyable sensations (see quotes below). He nevertheless supports circumcision.




  • "Foreskin ... is extremely sensitive. It's got these nerve endings like no other place, so it really gets aroused very quickly, and it makes it very difficult for a person to say no to themselves."[4]
  • "[Circumcision] separates him from being an animal" [5]
  • "[How was] ... Rabbi Akiva was able to overcome the same temptation? The answer is the power of the Torah. And the power of the Torah is channeled through the mitzvahs. And primarily through the covenant of the bris. When a child is circumcised, that is the channel through which god gives the person the energy to learn to control himself, to learn proper behavior at all times and all places." [6]
  • "Foreskin is an almost needless appendage. Yes it's very sensitive, has nerve endings, and it creates sexual pleasure that is oh, beyond belief! ... It does not appreciably change the human sexuality of the person." [7]

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