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Murray Katz

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Murray Katz
Colleagues & Benefactors:
Neil Pollock
Pierre Crouse

Murray Katz is a doctor whose primary business is the circumcision of children.

Innovative Technique

According to the National Post, Murray Katz collaborated with Neil Pollock on creating a so-called "new and innovative technique" for circumcision. [1] On his website, however, Neil Pollock doesn't seem to offer Katz much credit, and takes most of it for himself. [2] This "new technique," which is sold by at least one other doctor, namely Pierre Crouse, is said by Pollock and his associates to be "virtually bloodless," "virtually painless," and "taking under 30 seconds."[3]

Closer inspection reveals that Pollock and Katz aren't doing anything "new"; on his website, Pollock reveals that he uses the Mogen technique, which involves the Mogen clamp.[4] The Mogen clamp was invented in 1954,[5] but it is actually one of many successors to the much older, traditional barzel device.[6]

What Katz May Not Tell Parents About Mogen

The website insists that without experience, which it boasts Pollock for having, the methods and techniques he uses could be "potentially dangerous," however the Mogen clamp has been notorious for glans amputations, even among experienced conductors of circumcision.[7] Mogen went out of business[8] after losing a 10.8 million dollar law suit,[8] after a mohel[8] severed the end of a baby's glans[8] using one of their clamps. Mogen claimed that injury was impossible with its use.[8] The injury behind a prior lawsuit in Fulton County Superior Court had already put Mogen on notice about the danger of the device.[8]

In a different case, at South Fulton Medical Center, another law suit was won in 2009.[8] In that case, a child lost a third of his glans, and the plaintiffs were awarded 2.3 million dollars.[8]


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