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Welcome to CircLeaks

A place to learn about those who fund,
promote, and profit from circumcision.







Featured Articles In The News

Vernon Quaintance is a circumcision promoter—connected to doctors and Wikipedia editors—who was arrested after caught with child porn. He also molested an 11yo boy. Quaintance is a Circumfetishist who experiences erotic stimulation by watching circumcisions, and trades videos and stories about it with others.


The Gilgal Society, run by photographer Vernon Quaintance, publishes circ propaganda, fetish stories and other materials. They have doctors and researchers among their members. Gilgal is Hebrew for "hill of foreskins." To quote a Gilgal story, "if he wanted to, he could have a quiet wank whilst Neil was being circumcised."

Morris featured.jpg

Brian Morris is an Australian professor who's never heard a circumcision argument he didn't like. He's a member of the Gilgal Society, wants circ mandated by law, and uses scare tactics to frighten parents into cutting their children. Morris' website links to 8 circumfetish websites/groups, and 7 sites that sell circ devices.

Waskett featured.jpg

Jake Waskett is a member of Circlist who's made almost 14,000 edits at Wikipedia to show a pro-circumcision bias. He's known to lurk in parenting sites to convince expectant parents to circumcise. Waskett is not a doctor or medical professional of any kind. Waskett is a 34 year old computer software engineer in England.


Circ campaigner caught with child porn

Police raided a circumcision promoter’s home. The man was caught with a hoard of child porn. They found nine-hours' worth of clips showing boys as young as 11 engaging in sex acts. These videos ranked at the second-highest level of severity. He admitted 3 counts of possession of indecent photographs of a child.

Royal University Hospital.jpg

Circ Status Influences Recommendation

A new Canadian study (published in the Journal of Men's Health) has found that personal circumcision status (rather than medical reasons) most strongly influences primary care physicians' recommendations for routine infant circumcision. The circumcision status of their sons was also found to significantly influence their recommendation.

Mogen News.jpg

Injuries linked to circumcision clamps

The Mogen and Gomco devices have been blamed for injuries. One manufacturer no longer distributes the Mogen clamp, but it's still popular with mohels. In just 11 years the FDA has received 139 additional reports of problems related to circumcision clamps, including 51 injuries.

California state capitol small.jpg

California Passes Pro-Circumcision Bill

California legislators voted to pass AB-768, which was co-authored by two democratic legislators, Mike Gatto, Fiona Ma., and co-developed with representative Brad Sherman. It's being put forth as an “urgency bill". AB-768 is endorsing a practice that's actively cautioned against by well-respected medical associations from the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Vote against this bill here (it's not too late).

Aaron motsoaledi.jpg

African Babies' foreskins could be sold

Doctors and ethicists are embroiled in a dispute with Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi over fears that babies' foreskins will be sold illicitly to the global cosmetics industry.

Africa may be viewed as the new source of discarded virgin foreskins to sustain a multi-million-dollar industry. Discarded human foreskins are used in the cosmetics industry, in the manufacture of insulin and artificial skin.


Does Gates' funding taint the media?

Bill's media grants have spelled out coverage topics, including male circumcision. With virtually every major player in global health—many in education—receiving Gates' money, it's clear the foundation's voice is amplified.

APF Swaziland.jpg

U.S. paying for mass circumcisions

USAID is paying for circumcisions in Swaziland. $15-million to circumcise 160,000 men and teens within a year. "Recruiters" are deployed nationwide, combing the streets, persuading men to go to clinics or mobile surgical units housed in tents--their message backed up by a huge advertising campaign.

Man Says: "nice to have
sex without condoms."

Interestingly, Swaziland is one of the many African countries where HIV is more prevalent in circumcised men. See p.256, table 14.10

Did You Know?
WHO featured.jpg

The "Chief Expert on Circumcision" at the World Health Organization, also just so happens to be the inventor of the AccuCirc circumcision device. The World Health Organization is now endorsing male circumcision in South Africa.

PEPFAR featured.jpg

Circumcision research and campaigns are being funded by American money. Last year, President Obama signed PEPFAR, a program that will pay for adult & infant circumcisions. Other programs—like USAID and the NIH—are also funding circumcision campaigns in Africa.

Gates-Foundation featured.jpg

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funds mass circumcision campaigns. The Foundation contributes millions of dollars to nonprofit and for-profit media to help cover issues of interest to the foundation. Not just MSNBC, but also ABC, PBS, and Public Radio, as well as others.

Stephen Lewis featured.jpg

Stephen Lewis headed UNAIDS during their announcement to accept circumcision as a way to fight AIDS. Lewis is Jewish and has said that circumcision is "inspired preventative technology". Lewis is also a feminist and said he'd disown his own children if they disavowed feminism.

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