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Welcome to Intactwiki,

a wiki database for intactivist knowledge.
WARNING: This website contains non-pornographic nudity.

This website is

under construction.

Introduction In the News
We are pleased to present IntactWiki, a wiki which has been created to merge the databases at, and, in order to become a one-stop wiki database for intactivist knowledge.

This website aims to become an extensive wiki database for all things related to the movement for genital integrity and the advocacy of basic human rights of healthy, non-consenting minors against medically unnecessary surgery, otherwise known as "intactivism."

IntactWiki will serve to replace IntactiPedia, and a repository for the dossiers of circumcision promoters and advocates found on CircLeaks, both of these wikis which are scheduled to come down by the end of this year. To read more about changes happening at IntactiPedia and CircLeaks, please visit and respectively.

This announcement will be taken down by the end of this year, when the changes at the other websites are scheduled to be completed.

We thank the original viewers at IntactiPedia and CircLeaks for their viewership and support, and we hope they will continue frequenting us in the future.

Yours truly,

IntactWiki Staff


Relevant news articles coming soon!
We have begun to transfer articles from Intactipedia and CircLeaks.

As with all wikis, IntactWiki is a work in progress. We strive to make IntactWiki an important information resource for those wishing to find complete information on male, female and intersex genital anatomy, as well as information about genital cutting. Below is a list of articles that have been transferred, and/or are under construction:

The articles from Intactipedia have been transferred. We are in the process of reviewing and re-structuring all this content.


Articles from circleaks will soon be transferred.

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