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Kaiser's website depicts an intact and circumcised penis for comparison purposes, where the intact penis is drawn crooked and the circumcised penis is drawn straight and symmetrical.[1] On their webpage that lists possible risks, loss of sensation isn't mentioned.[2]

Chief of Pediatrics

Dr. Edgar J. Schoen was Chief of Pediatrics at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland for 24 years.[3] Schoen's current office is in the Julia Morgan building on Broadway that houses Kaiser Permanente's genetics department in San Fransico, only a few yards from the home office of Daniel Halperin, assistant professor of anthropology at UCSF's Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPDS).[4]

In 1987, Schoen was appointed head of the Task Force on Circumcision by the American Association of Pediatrics,[5] where he pushed for routine infant circumcision, but the neonatologists on Schoen's committee wouldn't go for it. According to Schoen, not performing circumcision would be "taking us back to nineteenth-century medicine on the eve of the 21st century," and that circumcision will prevent "dermatological problems".[6]

Schoen has been noted sending emails to and from the Circlist email list.[7] Schoen is also listed as approving content for a Gilgal Society brochure.[8]


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