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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit/contribute?

Anyone can add, remove, or modify information on this wiki. Like Wikipedia, this wiki uses WikiMedia markup language. Please register and read Editing to learn how to edit/contribute. Please remember, cite your sources (see the policy page). If you would rather have someone else add, remove, or modify something for you, please email here.

How do I add a new page?

Instructions here.

Why are you defaming people?

The purpose of this website is to present the facts and the truth as they are. None of what appears on the mainspace of this wiki is invented or fabricated (if such is found, it should be removed/fixed immediately); it should all be perfectly sourced material that is on record. The facts may be incriminating of certain institutions, organizations and individuals. They are what they are, and do not blame the creators and contributors of this wiki.

Why am I listed on this wiki/website?

If you’ve found yourself listed on this wiki, it’s due to some activity or connection you have to circumcision lobbying and/or circumcision lobbyists.

How do I remove myself from this wiki/website?

Unless you prove yourself to be disconnected from the promotion of circumcision, there is nothing you can do to remove yourself from these pages. To suggest removal, please use the talk pages (you will need to register first).

Some info seems pointless. Why is it here?

Because one of the primary purposes of this wiki is to gather information that could prove useful in the future, some information listed may not seem immediately relevant. This information could prove useful in showing bias, establishing a connection, or making sense of other information yet to be added.

Who contributes to this wiki/site?

Anyone! Just click the edit tab on a page to contribute to the project. Go here to get started.

Why not just add this content to Wikipedia?

There is an enormous amount of WikiLawyering going on at Wikipedia when it comes to controversial topics. If one factual statement is added from one side, another must be added from the other side to remain neutral, until admins and editors claim that the article is too long and start removing content. At this point, important and factual information gets omitted from Wikipedia, and so it may find itself here. Please feel free to take any content here and add it to any relevant Wikipedia article. However, do not copy large amounts of text, as it will result in a possible block and prevent the moving any future content to Wikipedia. Only move 1-2 statements (or sentences) per day.


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