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Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB) is the leading U.S.-based Catholic charity focused exclusively on global healthcare.[1] CMMB’s Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) program has been active in Kenya since 2007. CMMB trains local healthcare professionals to carry out circumcisions, which they claim "builds the local healthcare capacity and ensures sustainability." CMMB provides technical assistance, including training for the surgeons, in additional to medical supplies. CMMB has sub-granted to local community-based partners Family Health Support Initiative (FAHSI) and The Organization for Developing People's Ability (TODEPA) to conduct awareness campaigns targeting district political and religious leaders. CMMB began offering VMMC services at the Mpanshya Mission Hospital in the Chongwe District of Zambia in July 2010. CMMB Works Closely with the Ugandan Government to Provide Circumcision Services.[2]

Goals Met

According to CMMB's website:[2]

  • Educated in sexual health: 2,122
  • Parents told of circ benefits: 6,212
  • Individuals tested for HIV: 12,117
  • Circumcisions performed: 15,943
  • Sites providing circumcision: 31

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