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Aivar Bracka

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Avian Bracka

Aivar Bracka was a practicing plastic surgeon in the UK specialised in treating males who suffered from hypospadia – a birth defect of the genitals which requires surgery. Bracka was accused of abusing patients as young as 15 years.[1] The General Medical Council concluded that Bracka performed sex acts on himself and on six of his patients. Bracka was acquitted[2] but his registration was suspended in late November of 2010 by a Fitness to Practice Council of the General Medical Council. The investigation found the following to be true of Bracka:[3]

  • Particularly serious departure from the principles set out in Good Medical
  • Practice i.e. behaviour fundamentally incompatible with being a doctor
  • Abuse of position/trust
  • Violation of a patient’s rights/exploiting vulnerable persons
  • Offences of a sexual nature
  • Putting own interests before those of patients
  • Persistent lack of insight into seriousness of actions or consequences.


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