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Genital Integrity

  • Bodily autonomy
  • Self-determination
  • Children's rights to physical integrity

Genital Anatomy & Development

  • Fetal Development
    • Differentiation
    • Intersex conditions
  • Female anatomy
    • Development
    • Anatomy
    • Sexuality
    • Conditions
    • Care
  • Male anatomy
    • Development
    • Anatomy
    • Sexuality
    • Conditions
    • Care
      • Care of the baby
      • Care of the child
      • Care of the adolescent
      • Care of the adult
      • Care of the elder - See NOCIRC

Genital mutilation

  • FGM
    • Definition, types
    • Procedures
    • Risks and complications
    • Harms
    • Rationale
    • History
    • Today (prevalence, law, etc)
      • In Africa
      • In Asia
      • In Europe
        • Law enforcementin France
        • Law enforcement in UK
          • The doctor who restitched a victim of FGM
          • Genital piercings considered FGM
      • In Latin America
      • In Islam
      • In North America
        • Victorian Era
        • 20th Century
          • Clitoridectomy of minors
          • Female circumcision to remove adhesions and facilitate hygiene
          • Female circumcision to expose the clitoris and "cure frigidity"
          • The "love surgery"
          • FGM enforcement
          • FGM in the United States
        • Today
          • Cultural FGM from immigrants
          • Forced episiotomies
          • The raise of labiaplasties and clitoral unhoodings
    • Activism

Healing from genital mutilation

  • Healing from FGM
    • Deinfibulation
    • Clitoral restoration
    • Labial restoration
  • Healing from IGM
    • Support groups
    • Surgeries

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