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Stephen H. Lewis

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Former head of:
Currently Runs:
AIDS Free World
Associates with:
World Health Organization
Bill Clinton
Paula Donovan
Stephen Lewis.jpg
Stephen Lewis with Bill Clinton

Stephen Henry Lewis, CC, born November 11, 1937,[1] is a Canadian politician,[2] broadcaster, diplomat and former head of UNAIDS. He is Jewish (why this is important),[3] and a very outspoken feminist.[4] Lewis is a vehement promoter of male circumcision, particularly infant male circumcision (as HIV prevention policy).[5] Lewis calls circumcision "inspired preventive technology." Lewis is very close friends with Bill Clinton.[6][7] Stephen was the leader of the democratic socialist Ontario New Democratic Party for most of the 1970s. In the mid-1980s, he was appointed as Canada's United Nations ambassador. He quit in 1988 and worked at various United Nations agencies during the 1990s. In the 2000s, he served a term as the United Nations' special envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa, and head of UNAIDS.[8]


AIDS Free World

AIDS-Free World is an international advocacy organization with a small staff that works virtually from a dozen locations in the US and Canada, Africa, the Caribbean and Europe.[9] Co-Directors Paula Donovan and Stephen Lewis founded AIDS-Free World in 2007.[9][10] Lewis uses this organization to gather funding for male circumcision programs.


Orgy of Male Bonding

There was some titter of laughter and gentile applause which resonated throughout the room. So I felt it was the appropriate moment to tell the crowd that I was circumcised. Which I did. There followed what can only be described as an Orgy of Male Bonding. I have never been so embraced and hugged so extravagantly by numbers of people simultaneously as they conveyed to me that they understood the importance of circumcision and recognized that it's withstood the transmission of the virus.

Paula Donovan (UNICEF)

She [ Paula Donovan ] realized that male circumcision was a good preventative way to slow the spread of AIDS. So she took that analysis further. She suggested to the male leadership in Nairobi, that UNICEF propose that circumcision accompany the regular process of immunization of infants... Paula was easily 10 years ahead of her time, because that's exactly what's being discussed in several countries now... and what did the UNICEF hierarchy do at the time? They grabbed their genitals in protective embrace and laughed it off like only male sexists can laugh things off. ...the UN took more than a decade to see male circumcision for the inspired preventative technology that it is.

Circumcising Infants to protect against HIV

USAID, UNAIDS and the World Health Organization conducted a fascinating analysis to estimate the value of scaling up circumcision to reach 80% of the adult and newborn male population in 14 African countries by 2015. ...It's really incredible when you think about it, and it's already happening.

Ancient Blood Ritual is a new Technology

The most unexpected and successful preventative technology, which has been chronicled in the last couple of years, is male circumcision.

Extraordinary Hypocrisy & Sexism

The sexual and gender inequality compromises the lives women lead. [...] Female genital mutilation is a particularly awful practice. [...] The discrimination, the panoply of discrimination that is visited on women in this world is just appalling, and it obviously sabotages the lives they lead. ...I live in a feminist family and I love it. I think the feminist analysis is by far the most insightful. ...The single most important struggle on the planet, is the struggle for gender equality. [...] It all takes time in dealing with men. Dealing with male sexual behavior, to change male sexual behavior is going to be a couple of generations. ...My wife has often said on public platforms--much to my mortification--that it took her 20 years to turn me into a human being, and then the next 25 or 26 were tolerable. ...It takes all of us time. Men are resistant to change.

See Also

  • UNAIDS -- Stephen was former head of UNAIDS
  • World Health Organization -- The WHO is heavily influenced by UNAIDS
  • Paula Donovan -- Benefactor of Stephen Lewis. Worked at UNICEF, promotes infant circumcision.
  • UNICEF -- Paula Donovan of UNICEF is a benefactor of Lewis.
  • Bill Clinton -- Friend and Benefactor of Lewis.

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