Royal Dutch Medical Association

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The Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG) is the professional organization for physicians of The Netherlands. It was established in 1849. Since January 1st 1999 the KNMG has become a federation of medical practitioners’ professional associations.

Their main objectives are to improve the quality of medical care and healthcare in general, and to improve public health.

The Royal Dutch Medical Association in 2010 presented a Viewpoint on Non-therapeutic circumcision of male minors, which they described as follows:

The official viewpoint of KNMG and other related medical/scientific organisations is that non-therapeutic circumcision of male minors is a violation of children’s rights to autonomy and physical integrity. Contrary to popular belief, circumcision can cause complications – bleeding, infection, urethral stricture and panic attacks are particularly common. KNMG is therefore urging a strong policy of deterrence. KNMG is calling upon doctors to actively and insistently inform parents who are considering the procedure of the absence of medical benefits and the danger of complications.

During a 2016 redesign of their website, the English language page on circumcision was removed, but the Dutch language page remains.

We have archived their original English language viewpoint here: File:KNMG-viewpoint-Non-therapeutic-circumcision-of-male-minors-27-05-2010-v2.pdf

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