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Why IntactWiki?

In this day and age, there are many textbooks on health, medicine and human sexuality that omit or misrepresent information, or deliberately present misinformation regarding human genital anatomy. For example, the penis is always portrayed as circumcised by default, and if the foreskin is ever mentioned, it is in the context of circumcision. Information regarding the normal development of the intact penis and proper care is either minimal, inaccurate, if not completely absent. Some resources, such as Wikipedia, strive to provide complete and accurate information, but even this resource has fallen short; there is currently an enormous amount of WikiLawyering going on at Wikipedia when it comes to controversial topics, particularly genital cutting. The rules at Wikipedia state that if a factual statement is added from one side, another must be added from the other side, in order for the page to "remain neutral." Administrators and editors then claim that the article is "getting too long," and so begin removing content. As a result, important and factual information is currently being omitted from Wikipedia regarding human genital anatomy, and so concerned individuals have felt the need to create a resource where this omitted information can be found.


IntactWiki is a resource where doctors, scholars and parents can learn about intact genital anatomy. The purpose of this wiki is to present complete information regarding human genitalia, information that may be missing from what are supposed to be knowledgeable resources.

Privacy Policy

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The defining feature of IntactWiki is that information regarding male and female genitalia is presented from an objective viewpoint that presents human genital anatomy as it exists in nature, and information regarding their illness and treatment adheres to the standard of medical care for the rest of the human body. Male and female genitalia are assumed to be in their normal, natural and unaltered state, and information about them (e.g. normal development, illness, treatment etc.) is provided in full detail. The standard of care for therapeutic surgery requires the medical benefits of the surgery to far outweigh the medical risks and harms, or for the surgery to correct a congenital abnormality. Unnecessarily invasive procedures should not be used where alternative, less invasive techniques, are equally efficient and available. It is unethical and inappropriate to perform surgery for therapeutic reasons where medical research has shown there to be other techniques to be at least as effective and less invasive.

Credibility and Verifiability

The creators of IntactWiki strive to make it a credible resource, ensuring that all content is complete and accurate. The information presented is properly sourced, verifiable material that has been peer-reviewed and appears in scientific journals. If a statement or claim on this wiki is found to be false or untrue, it must be brought to the administrators' attention, in order for the content to be corrected or removed.

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