Dan Bollinger

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Dan Bollinger

Dan Bollinger serves on Intact America’s Steering Committee and is the Director of the International Coalition of Genital Integrity (ICGI),

Dan's involvement in intactivism grew out his commitment to equal rights; he fought to help pass the Equal Rights Amendment in Indiana when he was in college. "Circumcision was an issue I could relate to—not only because I was circumcised, but because of the equal rights aspect. For most of my life I’ve been troubled by night terrors that I later became convinced were an early recollection of my circumcision at age three-days."

Dan is the author of the paper "The lost boys", which presented an estimate over the number of yearly deaths in the United States as a result of neonatal circumcision. This paper and the figure has been controversial, as some in the intactivist community refer to it as a fact rather an estimate.


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