Alfred Schram

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Alfred Schram

Alfred Schram (September 17th, 1930 - March 11th, 2014 ) was an intactivist born in Brussels. He attended the Brooklyn Polytechnic institute, and worked (and retired from) the West Texas A&M University.

Alfred was known to the community of foreskin restorers, as a gentle man always motivating and educating about the benefits of foreskin restoration.

Alfred was circumcised in Belgium when he was approximately 3 to 5 years old. He was taken to the hospital by his grandmother, who had seen him touching his genitals and believed he would become mentally ill from touching himself, a risk that would carry stigma to the family and make it difficult to find suitable spouses for her grandchildren.

When he got married in 1957, he became aware of a sexual complication caused by his circumcision, one that he couldn't correct at the time because surgery was not advanced in that aspect and any surgery was beyond his means.

Approximately in 2006, Alfred learned about foreskin restoration and started restoring. At that time, his wife was suffering of Alzeihmer's, but Alfred felt that he owed it to her to restore himself completely.

On 2014, while on a trip to Austin, he collapsed at a park and could not be revived.

While he attended only a few protests, his compassion and willingness to educate others about foreskin restoration granted him a special place among the community of foreskin restorers.



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